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Lynda’s New Cookbook – ‘Fearless Food’

This October will see the launch of Lynda’s second cookbook, ‘Fearless Food’; It’s bursting with fresh ideas, outstanding photography and her own chatty and informal style. Cook your way through its accessible recipes and you will develop the confidence to improvise effortlessly, to cook fearlessly. The ability to interchange ingredients or to transform a dish from the ordinary to the extraordinary is built on the principles she smuggles in effortlessly. One minute she is outlining something perfectly simple and the next she is challenging a use of less familiar ingredients in more complex ways. ‘Fearless Food’ is also about moving away from the allergists and diet fanatics to something more carefree. Lynda inspires wholehearted, passionate cooking.

Master her twelve pasta sauces and you have the basis for a dozen more. Grasp how to use fresh spices and you can improvise with a whole range of curries. Be confident with fish and meat and imaginative with vegetables and cooking becomes less of a chore. Lynda encourages you to cook when you have the opportunity so that you can serve up great food when time is at a premium. Her ideas for jars of “elevators” on the top shelf of your fridge mean that a great meal is never far away.

Accessible ideas. Amazing photography. Lynda’s voice shines through the whole way: thoughtful, strong, amusing. She is a born teacher and will guide you through each recipe. If you want some inspiration, treat yourself to this book – Neven Maguire

Order your copy of ‘Fearless Food’ now

If you would like to order a copy of ‘Fearless Food’, you can do so using the link above. The cost of the book is €29.99. If you have any questions, please contact Dublin Cookery School on +353 (01) 210 0555 or email us at

Fearless Food