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New To Dublin?

Why come to Ireland to develop your cooking skills?

This is a very exciting time to come to Ireland. The country is bursting with local producers, artisan breweries and chefs coming back from stints around the world wanting to strut their stuff in their home city. Lynda has great connections and friends throughout all of these areas and can call on key people (bakers, cheesemakers, bistro proprietors and Michelin star chefs) to join up with her team to give you the very best of what the country has to offer.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll experience in Dublin…

Why come to Dublin Cookery School?

This is a cookery school with a big heart. We are not just passionate teachers, we love to welcome visitors from other countries. On our one month and three month courses, we have a range of students from overseas. At last count, these courses have attracted participants from over 20 different countries so this is something we know a lot about.

What will Dublin Cookery School do for me?

It can be a little intimidating coming to a capital city for the first time but no worries if you are new to Dublin. Our job is to make you feel welcome – not just to teach you how to cook. From the moment you start you won’t feel on your own. There is a really relaxed atmosphere in the school. We cook together, eat together and this is a great way of meeting Irish people who share a love of cooking. In addition to any suggestions from your fellow students, all our staff will be keen to point you in the right direction, giving you the inside track particularly on all things foodie. What food markets should I go to at weekend? Which fish shop on the pier do the seals swim up to? Where is the best Sunday brunch? Where would be the best places to visit outside Dublin?

Where is the school situated?

The school is perfectly situated in Blackrock in the southern suburbs of the city. Stroll down to the local station and take the light rail to the city centre (15 minutes) or take a trip in the other direction along the coast. There are some spectacular views and some great places to see (villages like Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, the beach at Killiney or the coastal walk between Bray and Greystones). Blackrock is one of the most sought after areas in the city because of its location, charm and proximity to the sea.







What about accommodation?

You may want to look after this yourself particularly as there are so many sites, such as AirBnB, with a selection of accommodation. However, we do offer a free accommodation service to all of our students and can advise on whether an area has easy access to the school. If you want more help, we are happy to oblige. Whatever your budget or preferences we can recommend homestays with local families, contact local accommodation or advise on hotels.

What if I am not completely fluent in English?

Relax. Food breaks down all language barriers. Working through English all day will certainly boost your fluency. You will watch every dish being prepared and there will be tutors at your side. If you are not sure of any point or didn’t understand some of the details, we are there to assist you. We actually think that our one week course provides an ideal opportunity to be surrounded by native speakers for those who want to try out their language skills.

And how about Dublin?

We love Dublin. Each of the staff have their own favourite corners and activities which they would be happy to share with you. We have to admit that rather a lot of them revolve around food but that is our passion. We know the best cheese shop, the rising chef or the buzzing wine bar. Dublin is a very exciting city at the moment and we can give you the inside track.

Find out more about Dublin’s thriving food markets.

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producerShould I be concerned about coming on my own?

Absolutely not. We expect you to be coming on your own. We are not just the best cookery school in the city, we are also the friendliest, so it will not feel as if you are on your own.

What should I do if I have any questions?

Check our welcome out. Contact us in the office ( or by calling +353 (0)1200 555), let us know any queries you might have and get your first taste of the Dublin Cookery School welcome.