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Cookery School Facilities


Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School is conveniently situated on Brookfield Terrace (behind Carysfort Avenue) in Blackrock. It makes little impression from the outside which makes for all the greater impact as you step in. The design is breathtaking and it is so bright and airy that it is a massively pleasing environment in which to work.

Because of its area (3,000 sq ft), it has been possible to create three distinct sections and yet keep the open plan. The space is split into the following three functional areas:

The Demonstration Kitchen has been designed to make life easy for the Chef and to give perfect viewing for the student. The large mirror above the granite counter allows students to keep a close eye on the dishes as they are being prepared.

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The Workstation Area is made up of twelve work stations at which students can cook in pairs. Each station is fully equipped so that whether making pasta, crushing spices or griddling fish, everything is close to hand. Domestic hobs and ovens are used in the school so that students can develop their skills using the equipment to which most people are usually exposed.


At the far end of the school is the Dining Room. This room seats up to 32 people, and is a wonderful space for eating and entertaining. A perfect place for students to unwind and enjoy the fruits of their labour.


You are more than welcome to come and visit us at the School. Either phone us on +353 (0)1 210 0555 or email us at to arrange a time that suits you. We’re happy to take you on a tour during which you can ask questions you may have about any aspect of the courses we run.


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