Breadmaking Masterclass with Rossa Crowe

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Breadmaking Masterclass with Rossa Crowe
1 day course
09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

We are extremely fortunate to have Master Baker Rossa Crowe of Le Levain Bakery join us on this exclusive course for a very specialized look at artisan breads. (We work here, and we’d book in for Rossa alone!)

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There is something so personal about making your own bread. The choices you make in the fundamental steps of mixing, kneading, and proving can turn a few very simple ingredients into something so much greater than the sum of its parts, something uniquely reflecting your touch.

Whether you are new to the kitchen or an enthusiastic amateur baker, this is a day you won't want to miss. With the hugely talented guest bread master Rossa Crowe leading the day, you and a select group of fellow bread lovers will do a deep dive into the world of bread, from theory to application, giving you everything you need to know to flourish with your own baking projects on your own. The day concludes with an intimate round table session with Rossa, a truly exclusive experience not to be missed. So gather up all your notes and ideas because this is the perfect opportunity to 'ask an expert.' Perhaps you love your bread flecked with herbs or maybe you're partial to the delightfully sweet buns you eye every morning at your favourite bakery -- no matter! When you leave our kitchen, you will be armed with a terrific foundation of techniques as well as the confidence to help take your breadmaking skills to the next level, one delicious bite at a time.

Rossa Crowe has been guest baker at Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School since the very beginning and there is no one we have met who is more passionate or knowledgeable about bread. After working for over six years in small artisan bakeries in the south of France, Rossa opened his own bakery Le Levain in Dublin, where his breadmaking is based on a natural fermentation method that was standard in 18th century France but very few bakers use today. Every visit from Rossa is hotly anticipated and very special for both our team and students.

Sample Menu

Breadmaking Theory & Timing

Principles of Working with Yeast

Adapting Breadmaking Formulas & Creating Unique Flavours

Crusty White Yeast Breads
shaping & variations

plain & chocolate

Cinnamon Buns

olive & rosemary

Roundtable Q & A Session with Master Baker Rossa Crow

Frequently asked questions

  • What level of cooking experience do I need?
  • The beauty of how we design all of our courses is that anyone of any level can join us and learn heaps. While someone new to the kitchen will find support as they maneuver through new techniques, the more seasoned cooks in our group will thrive on all the pointers we offer for further improvement. Our personalized approach allows for really healthy breathing space in terms of suitability because we always teach our course material in a layered way and we know how to quickly adapt to a moving room. Constant, open-ended learning is one of the things we love the most about being in the kitchen and our tutors' enthusiastic teaching style and patience is a testament to that.

  • Who typically takes this course?
  • We have both a wonderful community of regulars and constant stream of new students joining our classes. On any given course, you can expect a group of great diversity in both background and experience, many locals, and a good few travelers. What everyone seems to have in common though is that they are eager to eat and learn and be in good company.

  • Is there a discount to booking onto more than 1 course?
  • Look no further because it sounds like our Cook's Club is perfect for you. Check out for more info!

  • Is there an age requirement?
  • If you are interested in courses for young ones, we have a Growing Gourmet series (for 12-16 year olds) that you should check out! Otherwise, all courses are designed for adults. Our minimum age requirement for someone coming on their own is that they are at least 16 years old. If your child is younger than this and you think that he or she would enjoy the course, we'd love to have them on but they must be accompanied by an adult. Please alert us within the comments section of your online booking if this applies to you; note that our course fees apply to each participant, regardless of age.

  • What if I have a food allergy or dietary restrictions?
  • Keep in mind that all of our recipes are guidelines and very adaptable so as long as it has been made clear at the time of booking, we should be able to accommodate your dietary needs with a delicious adjustment (a note can easily be included when you book online). Be sure to highlight if your food allergy is life threatening and if it is, you must bring an Epi-pen. Please also note that we are a busy school environment and while every care will be taken to provide a safe and enjoyable cooking experience for all students, the allergin(s) you are affected by may have been handled at some point previous to your arrival and there is always the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Should I eat something before I come?
  • Something light to help you start off with steady hands should suffice! Keep in mind that while you will indeed be sampling a little bit of everything we make throughout the class, it takes time to whip up what we've planned and the focus is always on the teaching and learning. (A fantastic exception to this would be our fab Pop-Up Restaurant Nights which you should definitely check out.) All food cooked in the school is intended to be eaten on the premises. For health and safety reasons, no savoury or unapproved items may be taken home.

  • What do I need to bring?
  • Please bring your own apron as well as 1 tea-towel. Also come with a pen ready at hand - while we provide individual recipe packs for you to take home, the gold lies in what we teach beyond the recipes and the notes you take based on your experience in your practical sessions. One more thing to note -- please wear sensible shoes! While these courses are certainly lively and sociable, we're still bustling around a working kitchen that's essentially in full swing and things can get hot and slippery. Other than that, we've got your back. Our Evening 1 Day and 1 Week courses are all-inclusive experiences.

  • What if I can't make it to a course or dining event that I've booked?
  • If you can't come, you should send someone in your place! There's no extra cost for this so just give us a buzz and let us know who to expect and we'll take good care of them. If this can't be arranged and you need to cancel your place, please take a look at our Terms and Conditions to see what rules apply to you. Please note that if you are booked on as a Cook's Club Member, the membership is non-transferrable and therefore your place on the class is non-transferrable. For our full Terms & Conditions, go to

  • What is parking like in the area?
  • There is plenty of free parking along the curb outside the school around the corner on Sweetmans Avenue or Carysfort Avenue. There are also a few parking spaces available right outside the school that are free on both weekday evenings (after 7PM) and weekends (all day). For daytime parking during the work week, the cost is €5 for the full day. Please resist from parking outside the houses on Brookfield Terrace and Brookfield Place. Please also don't park on the grass verges opposite the school or on the double yellow lines in the area. For more info, go to

Your course itinerary

09:15 AM – 9:30 AM

Everyone is encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start-time. After we sign you in, we’ll lead you to our lovely dining room for a coffee or tea before we get started. This is a great time to get to know your fellow students.

09:30 AM – 03:00 PM

This is a unique course because today, we're jumping into the Hands-On Kitchen straight away and weaving the breadmaking Demos and Hands-On elements in this intimate, close-up space so that you don't miss a thing! At the end of the day, breadmaking has a rhythm of its own and we'll ultimately take our cue from the timing of our breads’ proving, rising, and baking needs.

03:00 PM – 04:30 PM

At this point, the ovens are usually brimming with all of our collective baking throughout the day. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy a light lunch to help refuel as we wait in anticipation for our beautiful breads. This is also a great time to raise any lingering questions you may have with Rossa and our team.

04:30 PM

This is when we say our goodbyes. Be sure to check out our shop on your way out. Many tools and goodies we like to have close at hand in the kitchen are available at the school and we’d be happy to help you out with your decision making. While our time together was brief, we always enjoy having you, appreciate all feedback, and look forward to welcoming you back again very soon!