Improve your team's work-life balance with this series of healthy cooking classes!

Informative, collaborative and delicious, this bespoke series of cooking classes is designed to promote a fit lifestyle. Over the span of 4 classes, your group will learn how to cook dynamic and healthy menus supported by a team of experienced chefs culminating in a Q & A session featuring our resident Fit Food Dietician. Classes may be arranged over the course of one month or longer depending on your requirements.

Start by taking a look at the event details below and then confirm your timeline with us. We’ll discuss all your personal requirements and map out a calendar of Fit Food cooking classes that will give your team something to talk about.

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Cook well, eat healthy, stay inspired.

Demo & Hands-on

Group size Price per person (per class)
Up to 12 

We can help you design a series of personalized Fit Food cooking classes that will enhance your professional relationships in a fun and unique way.

Is your new team resolution to keep fit (while also keeping things fun)? Looking for hip and healthy new lunch and dinner ideas? Want to learn how to cook with naturally beneficial ingredients like fish, grains and legumes? We'll show you how to extract the best flavours from a terrific array of kitchen staples and help answer all your questions along the way. Create your very own 'meet-up' group and watch your team get closer.

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  • * Pricing is inclusive of 13.5% VAT; minimum group fee is €1,200
  • Fit Food classes take place in our state-of-the-art kitchen from 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • The Fit Food Corporate 4-Part Series requires full payment of the total series package cost in order to reserve the dates requested
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Call us at (01) 2100 555 or contact us to discuss your special details.

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  • Based in a modern, open-plan converted warehouse in Blackrock, we can host a Fit Food Corporate Series, accommodating groups of up to 24 people
  • Booking out our space for a Fit Food Corporate Series means that you have a regular date with us and the opportunity to mingle, bond, and develop new skills in a private restaurant setting reserved just for you
  • We'll start off in the Demo Kitchen where the tutor leading the session introduces the night’s menu and jumps right in to the delicious tasks at hand in an interactive and relaxed environment.

  • Our Fit Food classes usually comprise of 2 Demo sessions that alternate with 2 Hands-On sessions. In our practical sessions, we organize ourselves so that everyone works in pairs with specific tasks assigned to each person.
  • Keep in mind that you'll have a taste of everything you make throughout each class. You'll also be encouraged to compare and contrast the fruits of your labour as we move through the menu.