Four-Part Series

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    Cooking for Friends: A Four-Part Series
    Mon 14th Jan - Mon 4th Feb
    Hands on

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    We’ve cordoned off four consecutive Monday evenings at the school for this special cumulative series. Watch your cooking skills improve as we work through four unique menus over the course of one delicious month. 

    The real secret to becoming a better cook? Two simple things: practice and great company. In this series, we provide the forum and support for both. You will not only have a place to explore new kitchen territory, you’ll have a dedicated guide who will happily answer all of your kitchen queries whether they arise on the night of the class or in the days that pass in between. Think of this as your very own exclusive supper club, a private little spot where you will learn and taste something different every week while you leave your worldly worries and concerns outside our doorway. The golden rule that keeps everyone in check? Everything that happens in our kitchen stays in our kitchen!