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Sat 29th Sep9:30am - 4:00pmHands on

Café Cooking


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We all have our local haunts, places that instantly give us refuge with a steaming cup of coffee and comforting plates of food. If you’re hungry for a few secrets to recreate this feeling at home, this is the course was made for you!

of our most popular courses, Café Cooking is all about comfort food. Think satisfying soups, inventive salads, savoury tarts, inspiring mains, and irresistible baked goods. We pack this course with fresh and seasonal ingredients and show you how to organize everything to create deliciously inviting fare that you can happily share, much of which can be prepared in advance. Crossing over a beautifully well-rounded menu, we’ll also show you how to use simple preparations to make flavours pop and gorgeous details stand out on your plate. What could be better than a day spend in your favourite kind of place? Santé!