Dates & times:
Thu 6th Dec7:00pm - 10:00pm

Pop-Up Restaurant Night: Tutors Edition


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Come take a trip on the wild side with us! Tonight, we’re turning our space into an exclusive, reservations-only dining room and giving our unique and fantastic team of world-experienced tutors complete creative autonomy.

This evening is one of a series of three special nights hosted and cooked by our dynamic group of highly experienced tutors. Oh, what gastronomic pleasures will arise! So come on in because we’d love to have you. Take a seat and get ready to be lifted away into a delectable night of tutor favourites. Within the generous realm of a lovely 5-course tasting menu, you will get a very intimate look at some of the things that spark their collective fire and also inspire their own cooking at home. Within an open kitchen setting, you will see first-hand how a group of chefs can collect like a band of musicians, happy to once again be doing the thing they love to do most together. The work and pleasure that constitutes a typically busy dinner service within a group of chefs is a sight to behold and if there is anything our team loves, it’s sharing their joy and passion. Join us for a very unique and festive night out. Make supper with us your holiday tradition.