Pasta Masterclass - Original Course!

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Pasta Masterclass - Original Course!
Evening Course
07:00 PM - 09:30 PM

In our opinion, a big plate of pasta is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Tonight’s the night to get intimate with your favourite meal.

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For all the dizzying types of pasta that exist (around 400) and the even more dizzying array of names with which they have been baptized (at least four times as many), there is surely one special one meant just for you.

Join us to find your perfect match. Whatever flavours you gravitate towards, we’re confident that you will leave us with the pasta skills to happily satisfy your own hunger games.

We now have two unique Pasta Masterclass Evening Courses, each with different content and they don't need to be taken in sequence!

Check out our NEW Pasta Masterclass Evening Course here!

Sample Menu


Making Fresh Pasta Dough

Ravioli with Ricotta

Pappardelle with Braised Lamb Shanks

Pasta with Parma Ham & Tomatoes

*sample menu subject to change

  • "The team were excellently organised"

    Such a great experience start to finish. With Covid-19 I thought it might be difficult to have the same experience as before this virus impacted our day-to-day but I was pleasantly surprised that it had little or no impact on the course. The team were excellently organised to manage the group from their cooking stations and the group demonstrations. I really enjoyed the class, thank you to the team at Dublin Cookery School.

    Ursula, Gourmet Pizza Masterclass Participant
    September 2020

  • "Hope to try another course sometime soon."

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pasta masterclass, my first time making pasta and turned out great. Really well organised and staff were helpful. Hope to try another course sometime soon.

    Ivana, Gourmet Pizza Masterclass Participant
    September 2020

  • "A lovely experience for people of all different levels"

    A lovely experience for people of all different levels of culinary expertise. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and will steer everyone in the right direction to help improve your skills and knowledge to allow you to produce something really tasty.

    Neil, Pasta Masterclass Participant
    September 2019

  • "Thanks all for this memorable night!"

    It was an amazing experience. I never have been in a cookery class before and I was very excited. I'm proud of myself and my boyfriend.. our pasta was delicious. The staff are all very helpful and friendly. Thanks all for this memorable night!

    Anna, Pasta Masterclass Participant
    September 2019

  • ". . . a thoroughly enjoyable evening."

    Thanks to Eric and crew for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I can't believe we packed so much in. Great to have a tutor so knowledgable about his subject. I'll be finally dusting off the unused pasta machine (that I've had for years) to make pasta this weekend and looking for 'victims' to feed. Great fun. Thanks.

    John, Pasta Masterclass Participant
    May 2019

  • "Beautiful recipes."

    Eric and Jose were so friendly and patient. Beautiful recipes. Well taught.

    Anonymous, Pasta Masterlass Participant
    May 2019

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to bring?
  • Please bring the following to class with you:
    Tea towel
    Water bottle
    Sensible shoes!

    Aprons are available in our shop if you would like to purchase one from us.

    **While we are happy for customers to take some of what they make home after class eg. cookies, cakes and breads, we suggest caution around taking cooked meat and fish dishes off the premises due to the potential health and safety risks associated with unchilled foodstuffs. Transported and inadequately stored food items can lead to contamination and foodborne illness and you do so at your own risk, Dublin Cookery School takes no responsibility for food once it leaves the premises.

  • Should I eat something before I come?
  • Note that in all of our courses you will be eating the dishes you prepare in the hands-on session and everyone generally leaves us well-fed. Keep in mind that it takes time to whip up what we've planned and we recommend you eat something before you arrive at the school.

    All food cooked in the school is intended to be eaten on the premises. For health and safety reasons, no savoury or unapproved items may be taken home.

  • What level of cooking experience do I need?
  • The beauty of how we design all of our courses is that anyone of any level can join us and learn heaps. While someone new to the kitchen will find support as they maneuver through new techniques, the more seasoned cooks in our group will thrive on all the pointers we offer for further improvement. Our personalized approach allows for really healthy breathing space in terms of suitability because we always teach our course material in a layered way and we know how to quickly adapt to a moving room. Constant, open-ended learning is one of the things we love the most about being in the kitchen and our tutors' enthusiastic teaching style and patience is a testament to that.

  • Who typically takes this course?
  • We have both a wonderful community of regulars and constant stream of new students joining our classes. On any given course, you can expect a group of great diversity in both background and experience, many locals, and a good few travelers. What everyone seems to have in common though is that they are eager to eat and learn and be in good company.

  • What if I have a food allergy or dietary restrictions?
  • If you suffer from a severe nut, egg, dairy, seafood, wheat allergy or coeliac disease, please contact us before booking onto a course and we'll be able to confirm whether or not your specific course menu is adaptable. If we are able to accommodate, note that the changes will be made for the specific student in question but that the curriculum for other students will remain the same as the original. Please note that certain course themes may not be adaptable in order to stay true to the course theme and brief.

    When making a booking, be sure to highlight if your food allergy is life threatening and if it is, you must bring an Epi-pen. If your food allergy is airborne and severe or life threatening, due to the wide range of course themes and events that we host throughout the days and evenings, our environment is not safe for you and we regret that we cannot accept your booking. Please note that we are a busy school environment and while every care will be taken to provide a safe and enjoyable cooking experience for all students, the allergin(s) you are affected by may have been handled at some point previous to your arrival, there is always the risk of cross-contamination.

  • What if I can't make it to a course or dining event that I've booked?
  • Note that if you cannot make an Evening Course, Day Course, or Pop-Up Restaurant Night that you have booked, you are more than welcome to send someone in your place (16 years or older). There's no extra cost for this so just give us a buzz and let us know who to expect and we'll take good care of them. If this can't be arranged and you need to cancel your place, please take a look at our Terms and Conditions to see what rules apply to you. Multi-Day Courses (3-5 days in length) are reserved for the individual booked onto the course or a single attendee (eg. if you aren't able to attend certain days, someone else cannot be sent in your place on those days). For our full Terms & Conditions, go to

  • Is there a discount to booking onto more than 1 course?
  • We don't offer a discount on multiple bookings but we do sometimes run spotlight sales on various courses. If you would like to stay abreast of these surprise sales, just sign up to our newsletter. You can find a link on our homepage!

  • Is there an age requirement?
  • All of our regular courses are designed for adults and our minimum age requirement for someone coming on their own is 16 years old. If your child is younger than this and you think that he or she would enjoy one of our regular courses, we'd love to have them on but they must be accompanied and booked with an adult. Please alert us within the comments section of your online booking if any of the above applies to the attendee; note that our course fees apply to each participant or attendee, regardless of age.

    Our Growing Gourmet Courses are for students only - Juniors (11-14 years of age) and Seniors (14-17 years of age).

  • Do you have courses geared towards TY students?
  • For TY students, we have a terrific 5 Day Course - 1 Week Essential Skills for TY Students - that provides a great curriculum for life skills experience. See our calendar for course details.

  • What is parking like in the area?
  • Metered parking can be found right outside the school Monday-Saturday from 8.00-19.00 and is available for €5 a day on the stretch from Brookfield Avenue up to the door of the cookery school, and on Sweetmans Avenue. Other spaces are available in the area on an hourly charge. Please resist from parking outside the houses on Brookfield Terrace and Brookfield Place. Please also don't park on the grass verges opposite the school or on the double yellow lines in the area. For more info, go to

Your course itinerary

06:45 PM – 07:00 PM

Everyone is encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start-time. After we sign you in, we’ll welcome you into our modern, mirror-lined Demo Kitchen where you’ll have a few minutes to get to know your fellow students before we begin.

07:00 PM – 09:15 PM

Our Evening Courses all start off in the Demo Kitchen where the tutor leading the session introduces the night’s menu plan of action. Our Evening Courses usually comprise of 2 Demo sessions that alternate with 2 Hands-On sessions. In our practical sessions, everyone works in pairs with specific tasks organized per person. Don’t worry if you’re flying solo on the night, we’ll find you a partner in crime. And yes, you will be eating what you make through the night!

09:15 PM – 09:30 PM

At this point, we're generally wrapping up the cooking! This is a great time to raise any lingering questions you may have with our team.