Welcome to the epicentre of Indian culinary exploration – Dublin Cookery School's Indian Cooking Classes.Whether you're a novice eager for Indian Cooking for Beginners or an enthusiast yearning to Master Cooking with Spices, we offer a range of immersive cooking classes suitable for every level.

Led by expert chefs crafting memorable menus, each class dives deep into authentic Indian recipes and techniques, allowing you to learn true Indian flavours hands-on.

From mastering the intricacies of learning to cook a curry to Indian vegetarian recipes, our offerings are a passport to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. With us, learning Indian cooking in person becomes a transformative journey, ensuring that by the end, not only will you have encountered the best Indian cooking has to offer, but you'll also walk away with a trove of techniques and memories."

Incredible India: Original Evening Course

Experience the essence of India: Our original expedition into the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine

Incredible India: Home Edition

Dive deeper into India's rich culinary tapestry with our brand new menu. Reserve your spot for a night of unforgettable flavours of an authentic Indian home kitchen

Indian Masterclass: Original Course

Experience Our Original Indian Masterclass: Explode a Continent of Spices and Flavours!

Indian Masterclass: Home Edition

The Culinary Journey Continues. Our classic masterclass has introduced countless enthusiasts to the essence of Indian cuisine. But there is so much more to discover! In this masterclass we delve into  the wonders of Indian home-style cooking. Delve into the ultimate comfort classes from across this flavourful country.