Welcome to Dublin Cookery School in Blackrock – Your Gateway to Authentic Italian Cooking Mastery!

Benvenuti, Amici! Nestled in the heart of Blackrock, Dublin Cookery School offers a plethora of authentic Italian cooking experiences right here in Dublin, Ireland! Learn to cook like a real Nonna in our selection of hands-on cooking classes. From rustic Tuscan cooking to hands-on pasta masterclasses, we bring the warmth and flavours of Italy to your plate, no passport required.

A Taste of Italy: Original Evening Course

Savour Authentic Italian Flavours with our original evening course. Master the art of Italian cooking with a menu that brings Italy to Ireland

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A Taste of Italy: An Evening at Home

Join us for a cozy Italian Culinary experience filled with rustic home cooking, from seafood starters to hearty pasta, and show-stealing desserts

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A Taste of Italy: Original Masterclass

Venture beyond pizza and master regional Italian dishes in our Festa Italiana. Authentic Italian cuisine right in the heart of Blackrock

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Italian Masterclass: Home Edition

Immerse yourself in the art of Italian home cooking. From homemade focaccia to rustic fish soup and handcrafted pasta, this course is a salute to the comforting delights of Italian cuisine

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Pasta Masterclass: Original Course

From fresh pasta dough to perfect meat pairing, join us in Blackrock for our original pasta-making workshop! Explore the diversity of pasta and leave with the skills to satisfy all your pasta cravings right here in Dublin

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