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Professional Programmes

  • 4 week Certificate Course 4 Week Essential Skills Course

    11 September 2023 - 6 October 2023
    8 January 2024 - 2 February 2024

    Monday – Friday (excl Bank Holidays)
    9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

    Blackrock, County Dublin
    20 min from city centre


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  • 24 Maximum Students
  • 6:1 Student to Tutor Ratio
  • 100% Hands On

What sets us apart?

We understand that your choice of school is a crucial turning point in your unique culinary journey.

In contrast to most other culinary institutes, this is an intimate place. We’re not bound by one way of doing something or old-fashioned rules and like the subject we adore, we’re constantly evolving. Every day we hold ourselves accountable to the high standards of our colleagues and students alike and honour the reason that brought us all here to begin with: the joy of cooking.

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The best part of our school lives in our students. Dublin Cookery School attracts individuals from all over the world and their energy, ideas, and goals constantly inspire us.
Read all about their individual experiences below!

frequently asked questions

  • Can you help me find accommodation?
  • Over the years, Dublin Cookery School has built strong relationships with families in our neighbourhood and surrounding areas who enjoy letting out private rooms to students. Often, these spots are within walking distance to the school which is particularly beneficial for students enrolled in our intensive 12 Week and 4 Week Certificate Courses as the days are always very full and it’s handy to live close by after a long (but satisfying!) session in the kitchen. A typical homestay is a furnished room within a family home which often provides a uniquely local perspective and lovely community feeling to your experience living in Dublin.

    If you would like us to help you organize a homestay for the duration of your Certificate Course, please call us on +353 (0)1 2100 555 or email us at (spaces are limited).
  • What level of cooking experience do I need to enrol? Who typically signs on to the certificate courses?
  • Both of our certificate courses are designed so that anyone of any cooking ability can join on and thrive. Keep in mind that the reasons people choose to embark on a certificate course are varied: some are coming from a food background, many have dreams of cooking professionally or starting a food related business, and just as many do it purely for their love of cooking and the desire to improve their cookery skills for personal reasons. Every group is different and we attract interest from all around the world which is extremely exciting. We believe that this diversity in both experience and background allows for a multi-layered and enriched learning environment, something very unique to the school.
  • What are the biggest differences in content between the 12 & 4 week certificate courses?
  • We describe the 4 Week Certificate Course as the first great step that can bridge the gap between cooking at home and cooking to a professional standard. This applies to what you learn on a technical level as well as the skills you develop that shape how you organize yourself and work with others in a kitchen setting. In terms of cooking, our 4 Week Certificate Course covers all areas of a broad menu, from starters to desserts, and breaks down the fundamental aspects of what goes into creating these dishes – whether for the first time or for the one hundredth.

    The 12 Week Certificate Course is an in-depth extension of everything we cover in the 4 Week Course and much more. We find, on the whole, that the review, practice, and exploration that happens during the additional 8 weeks of this course combine to offer an extremely well-rounded and personal experience for those who can commit to the time frame. In this longer program we are better able to examine and support the learning curve that students experience and investigate how we can help them reach the long-term goals they have in mind for themselves. This is further explained in the answers to the questions below.
  • Do your certificate courses include work placements?
  • Week-long internships are organized specific to each student as we head into the last month of the 12 Week Certificate Course and these take place at some of the finest establishments across the city including Forest & Marcy, Bastible, and Nevin Maguire’s award winning McNean House. An experience that complements and enhances these organized work placements are the highly memorable Pop-Up Restaurant Nights and we generally hold those in months 2 and 3 of the 12 Week Certificate Course.
  • Other than cooking, what other areas will we be covering?
  • Within the 12 Week Certificate Course, our students also have extended guidance from industry professionals who offer more specialized tutelage in areas like wine and cheese, menu development, business systems, and health & safety. Note that we organize guest chefs to collaborate with us here and concentrate their visits to the later stages of our 12 Week Certificate Course.
  • What are the entrance requirements and expectations of students enrolled in a certificate program? Is there an exam?
  • If you fully commit to one of our certificate programs and you possess a positive attitude, open mind, and strong work ethic, you will do well and can expect to leave with a substantial toolkit that will be beneficial to your culinary future, whatever that might look like. You will benefit greatly by reviewing your lessons at home every day in order to solidify what you have learned and to also read ahead to prepare for the following day’s projects. Regular feedback and continual assessment are essential to your hands-on experience here at Dublin Cookery School and a final exam (written & practical) is held in the final week of the 12 Week Certificate Course only. Note that the final exam is an opportunity for both our students and tutors to personally assess and understand where you started and how far you’ve come within the 12-week time frame. At Dublin Cookery School, we approach every day here as a learning and teaching opportunity and regard all of our exercises to be as valuable and important as the exams.
  • What are the tutors like? What can I expect from them?
  • So many of our graduates list our tutors as one of the highlights of their time at the school, no matter how long or short. With collective industry experience spanning the globe, interests that have no limits, and the enthusiasm, patience, and energy to match, our team is absolutely one of a kind. Their love for cooking and teaching is infectious and you can read all about them here.
  • How many students do you take on each course? What is the student to tutor ratio like?
  • We take a maximum of 24 students on our courses and operate a teacher to student ratio of one tutor to every six students. This gives us the chance to offer the kind of support and attention integral to a well-rounded and personal learning environment.
  • After I graduate, what will my job prospects be like in the food & hospitality industry?
  • So much depends on your area of interest but today, the possibilities are really limitless. Both certificate courses offer a seriously well-rounded culinary foundation to our students, regardless of the avenue they choose to pursue within the industry.

    As the artisan food sector continues to grow, restauranteurs expand their creative reach with new digital avenues, and the culinary world continues to be a source of fascination within the media, the total immersion of our 12 Week Course is a realistic way to set someone on their unique path. Whether you have your eyes set on owning your own delicious hot-spot or dreams of becoming a food journalist, this is a great place to get immersed in the kitchen with total focus.

    It may be of interest that to date, past students have found full time employment in places such as Chapter One, Neven Maguire’s MacNean House, Forest Avenue, Ottolenghi, The Four Seasons Hotel, and Gregans Castle Hotel. Many students have gone on to do private cheffing on yachts and ski resorts while others have opened up their own businesses from restaurants and cafés to catering companies. Wherever our course leads you, the time you spend at Dublin Cookery School is a superb opportunity to develop an understanding and feeling for food that will last you a lifetime.
  • Will I have time to work while I study?
  • The 12 Week Certificate Program and the 4 Week Certificate Programs are full-time, hands-on courses that run Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM. The pace is exciting and intense, and our students leave every day buzzing with new information and ideas. Your evenings and weekends will be free to direct as you wish. Impressively, some past students have taken on work within the industry during their spare time and found that both their experience at the school and at work has benefitted.
  • How are your certificate courses endorsed? Will my certificate be recognized internationally?
  • The 12 Week Certificate Course is certified by Dublin Cookery School and endorsed by The Restaurant Association of Ireland. Highly regarded by all the top chefs in the country, Dublin Cookery School was awarded Best Irish Cookery School by the Restaurant Association in 2013 and 2015. You can indeed travel with this qualification and get access to reputable establishments overseas but keep in mind that every establishment has a unique set of criteria regarding employment and a lot depends on how well you applied yourself during your time with us. Entrance into a professional kitchen often starts with a ‘stage’ which means working in that kitchen for a few days in order for the chef to see what you can do before determining if the job is a good fit. The 12 Week Certificate at Dublin Cookery School is a wonderful achievement but your new skills that stand behind it are the most important tools you will need when you embark on your own professional culinary journey.
  • I will be coming from abroad. What are the entry requirements for studying in Ireland?
  • Our course is open to international students and we love the diversity that this brings to our kitchen – it becomes an exhilarating place in which to learn and cook. In terms of entrance and/or visa requirements, we leave that entirely to the student. We strongly encourage those coming from abroad to check in with the appropriate government entities belonging to both their home country and Ireland for the most accurate and up to date information on what you may need to organize should you choose to study here in Dublin.
  • What if I have a food allergy or dietary restrictions?
  • Please let us know! Keep in mind that all of our recipes are guidelines and very adaptable so as long as it has been made clear when you enrol, we should be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Be sure to highlight if your food allergy is life threatening and if it is, you must have an Epi-pen close at hand at all times while studying at the school. Please also note that we are a busy, multi-disciplined school environment and while every care will be taken to provide a safe and enjoyable cooking experience for all students, the allergin(s) you are affected by may have been handled at some point previous to your arrival and there is always the risk of cross-contamination.
  • What do I need to bring with me? Should I have my own toolkit?
  • During the course, all of our certificate students are required to wear a chef jacket and non-slip, closed-toe shoes. In addition, we require all of our students to come ready with a basic kitchen ‘toolkit’ so to speak. This toolkit should comprise of a reliable set of knives as well as other small tools that every keen cook or budding chef should have close at hand. When you enroll, we provide you with a detailed list of everything required. Keep in mind that you can either use the list to source your own tools or you can drop by and find everything you need in one place here with us.