six stellar reasons to join our school

1.  Experience fantastic value and learn at an award-winning school

2. Indulge your passion for food

Our course gives you the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people from all over the world as you dive into an immersive culinary adventure including daily hands-on cooking, industry field trips, and social nights out.

3. Gain culinary confidence & professional competence

Students will leave with an extraordinary repertoire of versatile recipes and a skillset of culinary building blocks spanning the core kitchen principles to modern techniques that will open up personal culinary confidence to world-wide professional opportunities. We cover a broad range of cuisine styles including classic and contemporary, local and international.

4. Maximize your learning in small class sizes

We take a maximum of 24 students on our courses and operate a teacher to student ratio of one tutor to every six students. This gives us the chance to offer the kind of support and attention integral to a well-rounded and personal learning environment.

5. Enjoy guidance from a team of enthusiastic and inspirational tutors

Fueled by a tireless work ethic, insatiable appetite for learning, and endless curiosities within the kitchen, our team of enthusiastic tutors are fully dedicated to help you reach your highest potential in the kitchen.

6. Live in a thriving, world-class city

With endless opportunities for beautiful excursions and wonderful dining, we call one of the most beautiful places on earth home and have the best of all worlds at our doorstep.