One Week Cookery Courses

Our One Week courses provide you a great excuse to take time off, put your ‘out of office’ on and focus on your cooking for a whole week. You’ll be using the best of fresh Irish seasonal ingredients each day and will receive expert tuition from Lynda Booth and her team.

If you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level, our Chefs Skills and Patisserie Masterclass courses feature some of Ireland’s most exciting culinary talents as guest chefs.

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    Cooking for Friends
    Mon 15th Oct - Fri 19th Oct
    9:30am - 4:30pm
    Hands on

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    Think of this ‘week-away’ as your carefully crafted, all-inclusive culinary getaway, no packing required!

    What’s included? You’ll enjoy 5 fully immersive days where you can work on your kitchen chops with an inspired team of chefs at your elbow. For one full week, our home will be your home, our gorgeous, state-of-the kitchen your personal studio. With daily gourmet lunches to look forward to and like-minded folks joined on and cooking by your side, you’re bound to leave inspired. Each day we’ll incorporate a unique and well-rounded menu that you can easily weave into your current repertoire, dishes perfect for entertaining and sharing in a relaxed merriment. You’ll not only fill up with delicious food but you can expect to come away with your fair share of memorable stories and certainly a few new friends.

    So whether you fancy a week off from the demands of your regular job or perhaps just need a little shift from your regular routine, we understand the importance of carving out dedicated, creative ‘me’ time and the happy surprises that come with it. Go on now and treat yourself to a week with us. Leave the luggage at home because everything you need is here. All levels (very) welcome!